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Find local funeral directors in Leicester

The city of Leicester has over 348,300 inhabitants, making it the East Midlands’ largest municipality. The local funeral directors in the community provide the highest standard of care to bereaved families, supporting them when they need it most.

You can use our online comparison service to find the best funeral homes in Leicester for your needs, and compare them. Better than a simple list of funeral directors, our service helps you check local funeral homes’ prices and reviews so that you can choose the right one.

What kinds of funeral services are offered by the Leicester funeral directors near me?

Hoping to plan an eco-friendly funeral, or looking for a horse-drawn hearse? No matter what your unique requirements are, you can rest assured that the dedicated funeral directors in Leicester will do their utmost to make your wishes a reality.Each funeral director profile page has a list of services provided by the business, to make it easier to find a local funeral home that can meet your specific needs.

Independent local funeral services like Buckminster Funerals and Richard Ward Funeral Services will be happy to help you organise a truly special and memorable send off for your loved one.

How much do the local funeral directors in Leicester cost?

Cremations are typically less expensive than burials. The average cost of a cremation in Leicester is £4,854, whereas burials cost around £5,726 - making the average cost of a funeral in Leicester about £5,290.

However, any number of factors can impact the cost of a funeral - not just the funeral director you choose, but also the funeral director’s services, like flowers, transportation and even the time of the funeral itself. Independent funeral directors also tend to be less expensive than the branches of national chains, so it’s worth asking who owns the nearest funeral home to you before choosing them.

Ready to get started? Browse the profiles of Leicester funeral homes near you, compare funeral prices, read real customer reviews and contact businesses directly here. There’s no need to pay anything and no obligation to commit after making an enquiry.