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Find funeral directors in Birmingham

Birmingham in the West Midlands is the second largest city in England, boasting a population of over one million. The city and the surrounding area are supported by more than 60 independent funeral directors with longstanding ties to the communities they serve. With Beyond’s funeral director comparison service, it’s simple to use quotes, reviews and service lists to find the best funeral home in Birmingham for your needs.

What kinds of funeral services are offered by Birmingham funeral directors?

Birmingham is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK, and its local funeral directors reflect that: it’s easy to find businesses that provide respectful and dignified funeral arrangements for people of all faiths, as well as humanist funerals. A Natural Undertaking and Hickton Family Funeral Directors are among the many funeral homes in Birmingham that can offer you a high-quality professional service.

How much do funeral directors in Birmingham cost?

The average funeral with a burial costs over £6,087, and the average funeral with a cremation costs over £3,939 - making the average cost of a funeral in Birmingham around £5,013. Choosing a cremation is one of the best ways to reduce the final total cost of a funeral, but other things can also significantly change the price. The funeral director you choose, the time and date of the service and the transport you use can all make a big impact - so it’s a good idea to explore your options. Ready to get started? Browse local Birmingham funeral director profiles, compare their fees, read genuine customer reviews and contact the funeral homes directly here. There’s no charge and no obligation to commit to anyone you approach.