Worried about funeral costs? Let us help you find out how much a funeral costs where you are, and how you can save on funeral arrangements.  

How much does the average funeral cost in the UK?

According to recent research, the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,078. This number covers funeral director fees, the cost of a cremation or burial, medical costs and the fee for a minister or celebrant.

But that’s not the whole story. There are many things that can change the cost of a funeral, such as where you are, whether the funeral will include a burial or a (less-expensive) cremation, the details of the arrangements and the kind of funeral director you choose.

In fact, the average cost of a funeral booked through Beyond is £2,048: you can save a lot of money simply by comparing your options. If you’d like, you can start a search now – or you can read on for a full breakdown of funeral costs.


How much does a funeral cost in your area?

Funeral costs in the UK vary a lot depending on where you are. The most expensive location is (as you might have guessed) London, where the average funeral costs £5,951. The least expensive is Northern Ireland with an average funeral cost of £2,982.

So, how much is the average funeral in your area? Try our funeral costs calculator to see how much you can expect to pay:

Top tip: Do you need help with funeral costs? Read our guide to all the grants and payments available here, or click here to find out about our interest-free funeral finance option.


What is the average cost of a funeral with a cremation?

Standard cremations cost, on average, about 27% less than burials. The kind of cremation also matters:

  • The average cost of a funeral with a standard cremation, which includes a memorial service, is £3,596.
  • The average cost of a funeral with a direct cremation, where there is no service, is £1,835.

You can also save by having the cremation early in the morning, or on a week day – crematoriums usually charge less for funerals at less-popular times. If you’d like to scatter or bury ashes in a cemetery, you may have to pay an additional charge.

Find out more about cremation costs here.


What is the average cost of a funeral with a burial?

Choosing a burial usually increases funeral costs, as you will need to pay for a burial plot:

  • The average cost of a funeral with a standard burial, with a service, is £4,561.

An additional thing to think about when it comes to burial costs is the price of a headstone, which isn’t included in the burial plot fee. On average, these cost about £916 – so burials at ‘natural’ burial grounds (where permanent memorial stones are not usually allowed) can work out less expensive.

Find out more about burial costs here.

Top tip: If you’re looking for the cheapest funeral costs, it’s a good idea to go with an independent funeral director rather than one of the larger chains. On average, we’ve found that independents are about 36% less expensive than the national average. Find an independent funeral director in your area here.


What about other third-party funeral costs?

Also known as ‘disbursements’, third-party funeral costs cover all the arrangements that aren’t provided by funeral directors themselves. Both cremation and burial fees are considered disbursements, as are flowers, transport, venue fees, order sheets and memorial stones.

It’s worth noting that when funeral directors provide quotes for funeral prices, these additional costs aren’t always included. Depending on the scale of the arrangements, disbursements can add an additional £800 to £2,500 on to the cost of a funeral.

On average, people in the UK spend £1,928 on funeral disbursement fees. To break it down, here’s the average amount spent on:

  • Funeral flowers: £149
  • Additional limo hire: £319
  • Catering: £444
  • Venue for the wake: £397
  • Funeral notice: £85
  • Obituary: £72
  • Memorials / grave markers: £916
  • Order sheets: £63


Need help with funeral costs?

If you’re worried about covering the cost of a funeral, there are a number of ways you can get help, from government assistance to charitable grants. You can find out more about these options in our guide, How to Get Help With Funeral Costs.

Here at Beyond, we also offer interest-free funeral loans. We’ll pay for the funeral up front, and you can pay it back gradually over the course of a year – without worrying about interest. Call us on 020 8629 1600 or click here to find out more.



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