Comparing Attitudes to Wills 0

What happens after we die?

It’s a spiritual question for some. For others, it’s about what happens to our money, belongings and reputation – the mark we leave on the world.

The UK's Attitude to Wills

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Tweeting, Tapping and Beyond: 3 ways to kick-start your digital fundraising 0

Beyond mascot sitting in chair

75% of fundraisers think that future developments in tech will benefit them.1 They’re right to be optimistic, too — there’s plenty of advantages. But are you doing enough with the tech available to you right now?

Charities that are digitally active are far more likely to do better than those that aren’t, so you’ll want to stay in the know.2 And we’re happy to point you in the right direction. Here’s 3 ideas for digital fundraising that your charity should consider this year.


Contactless donations

Fundraising at the street level is faltering. And it’s all down to contactless payment cards.3 ‘Tap to buy’ terminals have sounded the death knell for pocket change across the nation. But this shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a bad thing for charities.

Some, like Blue Cross, have fought back by installing digital fundraising ‘hotspots’. Their most recent campaign rewarded contactless donations with video footage of pets receiving Christmas dinner. This helped to make donations feel less transactional and more emotionally involved.

Digital ‘hotspots’ like these have made street-level donations easy to do. What’s more, they’re quick. Contactless payment gives people less time to think twice about making a donation.


Online wills partnership

Beyond’s online will-writing service is breathing new life into legacy fundraising: it’s quick, easy to do and affordable for supporters. With us, you can customise legacy campaigns with your own messaging, helping you to reach supporters who are put off at the thought of making a traditional will.

Importantly, our service also gives you access to accurate and measurable data on your legators. This includes the volume and type of gift left in each will (where applicable). Having complete visibility on your charity’s bequests allows you to budget safely for the future. You’ll be able to see GDPR-compliant information on your ‘hidden’ legators too.


New social media

The use of digital tech in everyday life is affecting donor behaviours — 54% of them now prefer to donate online. This means that, without a digital presence, you’re likely missing out on a ton of opportunities to engage your supporters!

New social media platforms are a great place to start raising awareness. Non-profit Youth Music saw enormous success through its collaboration with TikTok, which helped young musicians reach a wider audience through short video content. The use of a simple hashtag, #MusicShapedMe, made it easy for people to like and share.

Twitter and Facebook are great springboards for online engagement. But ask yourself: are they the best platform for your charity? Make sure to stay abreast of new social media that you can use to connect with supporters.


Get in touch

Want to find out how Beyond can help your charity? Send an email to [email protected].



1. Manifesto, The Future Charity, 2019

2. Third Force News, ‘Digital is booming and charities are starting to join the revolution’, 2016 [accessed through]

3. UK Fundraising, 2019 [accessed through]

5 ways that online wills can transform your legacy fundraising 0

People sitting around table working on laptops

Welcome to the new age

If you’ve not heard by now, let us be the first to tell you: online will-writing is a thing. And, like other digital services, it has all the expected perks. It’s quick, affordable and easy to use. You can even update an online will whenever you like, as life changes — pretty nifty!

But, why should you care about online wills? And how are they important for legacy fundraising?

Well, for one, they aren’t going away anytime soon, so charities need to get used to them. Writing a will online is massively popular, particularly among Millennials. 52% of people born between 1981 and 1996 will look to create a digital will. Considering that most people opted to use a solicitor several years ago, that’s a big change.

More wills written means more legacy donations for your charity. But while getting legacy gifts is great news, there’s still other things to consider. How are you tracking intended legacies? And, more to the point, how well do you know your donors? Do you understand their motivations for legacy giving?

Don’t stress — online wills have you covered here, too. Here’s 5 simple ways that we’ve been helping charities with our online wills.


Grow your income

Without online wills, you risk missing out on potential legators that are used to doing everything online. Millennials are a prime example of this. They’re not only the most liable to use online wills, but they’re also the most generous.

In fact, they’re 86% more likely to leave a gift to charity than Baby Boomers. Without online wills, you risk cutting yourself off from crucial legacy funding.


Legacy giving prompts

Effective communication with supporters is vital to growing your legacy income. Within our wills, we show bespoke legacy prompts to your supporters. This helps to encourage them to remember you in their will and increases the chance that they leave a gift.


Trackable campaigns

With Beyond, you’ll have access to a bespoke dashboard that tracks your legacies in real-time. It’ll show you both the type and volume of legacy gift left in each will (where applicable).

This gives you complete confidence when planning for the future. You’ll be able to measure how successful your campaigns are and keep track of incoming funds.


Discover what’s driving your legacies

With around 80% of legacies arriving out of the blue, it’s already difficult enough to get at reasons for donors’ giving. But our wills dashboard gives you the opportunity to contact your legators, in life.

We ask legacy supporters for consent to share their contact details with you. Once given, you’ll be able to get in touch via email, phone or postal address (this is GDPR compliant). Contacting your living legators helps you to discover the motivations behind their gift.


Build on digital insights

We give you quick and easy access to basic information about your supporters. You’ll be able to see anonymised demographics on each will-writer, including: gender, age, region, and the number and age of any children.

Basic insights can help you to categorise your donors. In turn, you’ll be able to optimise your future legacy campaigns for each supporter base.


Want to know more?

If you’re keen to find out more about how online wills help your legacy fundraising, get in touch with [email protected].