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Take advantage of our comprehensive fixed-fee probate and estate administration service.
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What does our fixed-fee and probate service include?

We offer far more than most wills and probate services, so you can focus on the things that matter.
Our fixed-price probate service includes:
Value the estate
Notify businesses
Rehome pets
Apply for a grant of representation
Insure property
Register property
Pay Inheritance and Income Tax
Settle debts
Set up trusts
Redirect post

Why choose our fixed-fee probate service?

Our expert team of probate professionals has helped thousands of families distributing over £1 billion in inheritance.
What you see is what you’ll pay
There are no hidden fees or secret clauses to catch you out. We’ll stand by our first fixed-fee probate quote, whatever happens.
We’ll take care of everything
While some probate lawyers and solicitors only apply for the grant of probate, we do everything involved in settling the estate to give you peace of mind.
You and your family are protected
When we settle an estate, our probate service also takes on full legal and financial responsibility. You’re fully covered in the event of a claim, at no extra cost.
We’ll transfer your inheritance - quickly
We release assets, funds and property as soon as they become available, so you’ll spendless time waiting.
There’s no deposit
Money is the last thing you want to worry about when a loved one dies. So we don’t ask for a deposit: we’ll take our fee from the estate later on in the process.
We’ll keep you in the loop
We offer 24/7 online tracking and a dedicated personal representative for every account, so you’ll always know what’s going on.

How our probate and estate administration service works

Your FAQs on probate services in the UK

What does a probate service do?

Probate is a legal term usually used to describe the entire process of settling someone’s estate when they die.
Professionals providing probate services - such as Beyond, probate solicitors and specialists - take care of this process, gathering up the estate and transferring it on to those who should inherit.

How much does Beyond’s probate service cost?

If you choose to work with us, we will put together a quote based on the amount of time and effort we estimate we will spend settling the estate. Once the probate fee is set, it will stay the same, even if the process becomes more complicated later on. This means you’ll only pay as much as you really need to.
Find out more about solicitors’ fees for probate and how we compare here.

Do I need probate?

If it’s a small estate, you may not need a grant of representation to access things like bank accounts. If you are the spouse of someone who has died, and all property, assets and funds were held jointly, you will also likely be able to access the estate without one.
But there are a lot of other things to think abaout when it comes to the estate - making sure that tax forms are filled out correctly, notifying the right companies, settling debts, setting up trusts and any number of other small details. We can help with that.
When you call us for a quote, we’ll ask you a few simple questions to check whether you really need our probate service. And if you don’t - it hasn’t cost you a thing.
Find out more about when probate is required here.

There’s no will - what do I do?

When someone dies without leaving a Will (known as dying ‘intestate’), their estate is inherited by their closest living relative - usually their spouse or their children.
The probate process is much the same, except that letters of administration are applied for instead of a grant of probate (see above). You can still use a probate service to sort out the estate.

Don’t I need a probate solicitor to do probate?

There is no requirement to use a solicitor for probate. We do have legal and financial experts on our team who have helped thousands of families through the probate process. However, we don’t call ourselves probate solicitors or lawyers because our service is far more comprehensive than that!
Legally, anyone can take on the responsibility of probate administration, although many prefer to leave this complicated and stressful task to a professional.

I already have a family solicitor for probate ...

It’s a good idea to compare probate professionals on price and the services they include before settling on one. You can change your probate provider even if your family solicitor is named as one of the executors in the Will.
When comparing probate services, helpful questions to ask are: how much they charge; whether that fee is a percentage of the estate, an hourly rate, or a fixed fee; whether the fee will increase in the event of a claim or complication; and what they will do in return for that fee.
What does a probate service do?
How much does Beyond’s probate service cost?
Do I need probate?
There’s no will - what do I do?
Don’t I need a probate solicitor to do probate?
I already have a family solicitor for probate ...

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