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Find funeral directors in London​

Over 8,787,892 people live in London, so it’s no wonder that there are over 400 independent local funeral directors based in the capital. The huge number of London funeral homes makes it simple to plan a personal and unique funeral,ranging from the traditional to the alternative.

With our funeral director comparison service, it’s easy to find the best funeral home in London for your needs, with a team who will give your loved one the perfect send off. Simply explore our map or scroll through to see all the funeral directors near you

What kinds of funeral services are offered by London funeral directors near me?

The independent funeral directors in London cater to a wide range of faiths and requirements. With our service, you don’t have to go to the nearest funeral home: in just a few minutes, you can find a team who have the experience and dedication to provide just what you need to give your loved one the right send-off.

Long-standing local funeral homes like William Dunphy Funeral Directors and Leverton & Sons Funeral Directors are among the many undertakers providing non-religious, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh and Buddhist funeral arrangements in London as needed. Experienced and professional,you can trust them to organise a funeral with all the unique, creative touches that really speak to the personality of a loved one.

How much do funeral directors in London cost?

The average cost of a funeral in London is around £6,251, but it can vary depending on the type of funeral you want to arrange - and which of the local funeral homes you arrange it with. Cremations cost £5,320 on average, while burials cost £7,181.

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