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Find local funeral directors in Bristol

The 428,100 people living in and around Bristol rely on the professional services of over 37 local funeral directors. Beyond’s online comparison service can help you find a team who will give your family discreet support and guidance at this sensitive time.

Because we wanted to create more than just a list of funeral directors, we’ve gathered the best prices from each of the funeral directors in the Bristol area to create the quotes you see here. Our mission is to help families arrange memorable and affordable services for their loved ones.

We also wanted to give families more time to consider their options, which is why you can browse the profiles here to compare and contact local funeral homes in Bristol from home, with no obligation and no pressure.

What kinds of funeral services are offered by the Bristol funeral directors near me?

The funeral directors in Bristol cater to a wide range of faiths and pride themselves on being able to help with even the most unique family requirements. It’s simple to find a local funeral home that will cater to everything from eco-friendly natural burials to unusual hearses and direct cremations.

Having served families from a multitude of different faiths, backgrounds and religious denominations, you can be sure that independent local funeral homes near you such as Community Funerals and F H Halliday and Son will provide a high quality and professional funeral arrangement service that attends to all of your needs.

How much do the local funeral directors in Bristol cost?

On average, funerals arranged by those on our list of funeral directors in Bristol cost about £6,214. The average cost of a cremation is around £5,731, whereas burials cost over £6,692.

The cost of a funeral in Bristol can be significantly lower. The funeral director you choose, the type of funeral you arrange and even the day and time of the service can make a difference. It’s a good idea to shop around, and not just go to the nearest funeral home - there may be one only a little further away that charges less.

Ready to get started? Browse our list of Bristol funeral directors, compare funeral prices, read customer reviews and contact them directly here. It’s free and there’s no no obligation to move forward with the enquiry.