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Community Funerals (Inc. Aslam Funeral Services)

Bristol, BS16 2HP

Community Funerals (Inc. Aslam Funeral Services) is a Bristol-based funeral directors, specialising in Muslim Funerals across the South West Region. We pride ourselves on catering to a wide breath of communities in and around Bristol, having served a range of families from different backgrounds, including Polish and Rastafarian. To suffer the loss of someone you love so dearly is the most difficult event that you shall experience in your lifetime. Whether it is expected or sudden, nothing can prepare you for the emotions that follow. With Community Funerals, you can rest assured that we will support you every step of the way, guiding you through all aspects of the funeral arrangement process. We offer discrete support and guidance to your family at this sensitive time, providing a high quality and professional service that attends to all the needs of you and your loved one. At Community, we understand that every person is different, having served families from a multitude of different backgrounds, faiths and religious denominations. We aim to offer you an affordable service without any compromise on the quality of care. Whether you would like a simple funeral or something more elaborate, we will be there to make sure that you are looked after. As a specialist in Muslim funerals, we are also privileged to extend our service to families concerned about religious sensitivity; we ensure that every standard is met, giving your loved one the very best care. Our Services include: - Collection & Transportation of Deceased - Guidance/Death Certificate - Liaison with Coroners/Mortuary - Janazah Prayers & Ghusul (Muslim funerals) - Cemetery Arrangements - Coffin/Shroud Burials - Repatriation (Coffin Transportation Abroad) - SouthWest, Wsm, Cardiff, N/port, London & B'ham - Links with Gardens of Peace Cemetery (London) - 24 Hour Personal & Tailored Service for your loved one Should you wish for us to take care of your loved one, or simply wish to start an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be in touch as quick as we are able.

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Services & Support Offered
Facilities and support
  • Support line
  • Ongoing bereavement support
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  • Home visits
  • Visiting the deceased
  • Service chapel
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  • Free parking
  • DWP support
  • Same sex care
  • Out of hours collection
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  • Nationwide repatriation
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  • International repatriation
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  • Care at home
  • Family participation
  • Order of service sheets
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  • Newspaper notices
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  • Green eco funeral
  • Video cast funeral
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Multi faith
  • Roman catholic
  • Church of england
  • Hindu
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Sikh
Funeral director fees
Arrangements selected
Wood, Standard Coffin
1 Limousine
Classic Hearse
Canford Crematorium, BS9 3PQ
Reference Number:
0117 444 9787
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