Woodlands Crematorium

Woodlands Crematorium is currently owned and managed by Scarborough Council. Opened in 1961, the crematorium has been serving the surrounding areas ever since and currently undertake more than 1200 cremations each year. A chapel is located within the crematorium and is where the majority of services are conducted. The grounds that surround the crematorium have been carefully landscaped and set out to create beautiful places of remembrance. Cremation services take place every day of the week, Monday to Friday, with the first service starting at 9:20am and the last service at 3:20pm. Service times are approximately 40 minutes. There is limited parking on site so you may need to find alternative parking. After the cremation service, there are various memorials available as a lasting tribute for loved ones. These memorials include rose beds, trees, the Book of Remembrance, memorial cards, stone kerbs or plaques.
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Contact information

1 Brumby Wood Lane, Scunthorpe, DN17 1SP
Telephone 0172 474 7555

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