Rose Hill Crematorium

Rose Hill Crematorium is located on Ascot Avenue in Cantley and it is currently owned by Doncaster Council. The Chapel can seat a congregation size of 115 and there is further standing room towards the back of the chapel for 70 people. For particularly large funeral congregations the chapel also has outside speakers which can be arranged on request. The onsite waiting room can seat 20 people if you arrive early for the service. Many people like to incorporate music into the cremation service and this is available from the dedicated music list provided by the Council through the Wesley Music System. Families can log on to the website and choose suitable music for the service at any time. Where a piece of music is not listed on the system but it is required, provided that the crematorium staff have sufficient notice (at least 48 hours) they will try their very best to source the music for the service. If you require use of the organ, an organ fee is payable and you will need to make arrangements for an organist. Cremation services can also be recorded to a CD but you will need to let the staff know prior to the service so this can be arranged.
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Contact information

Ascot Avenue, Cantley, Doncaster, DN4 6NE
Telephone 0130 273 6900

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