Haltemprice Crematorium

Following a substantial refurbishment Haltemprice Crematorium opened in 1998. The refurbishment took place in relation to the former De La Pole Hospital chapel. Dignity Plc are the owners of the crematorium and the staff help families during a difficult time. The management at the crematorium aim to create a peaceful and comforting environment for visitors both during and long after the cremation service has taken place. It is never an easy task planning a cremation service but using their years of experience the staff will help, guide and support you through the entire process. Looking over the peaceful country aspect of semi-rural Willerby, it is hard to believe that this impressive facility is within easy access of the busy towns of Hull and Beverly via the A164.Since the refurbishment was carried out the chapel can now accommodate as many as 200 mourners and the crematorium continues to provide expert planning for multi faith services too.
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Contact information

Main Street, Willerby, HU10 6EE
Telephone 0148 267 1212

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