Weymouth Crematorium

Weymouth Crematorium is currently owned and managed by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and the bereavement team are there to provide a sensitive and caring service during a difficult time. The way in which the funeral service is conducted is often a matter of personal choice, whether you prefer a full religious service or requiem mass or a civil service at the crematorium, it is entirely up to you. Cremation services are booked at the crematorium at 45 minute intervals. This allows a short time to enter the chapel, a 25 minute service and then a further period of time to leave the chapel at the end of the service. If this timeframe is not long enough you are able to book additional time in the crematorium and this is advised if you have lots of readings, hymns or music to play. Web casting and recording facilities are available on request.
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13 Quibo Lane, Weymouth, DT4 0RR
Telephone 0130 578 6984

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