Bournemouth Crematorium

An award winning, Green Flag site, Bournemouth crematorium is situated in beautiful natural surroundings. There are two chapels available at the crematorium. The West Chapel is the smallest and seats up to 40 mourners. This is ideal for a small gathering of close family and friends. Services can be booked at quarter to or quarter past the hour between the hours of 08:45am and 3:45pm Monday to Friday. The West Chapel is larger and can accommodate up to 100 mourners and there is an organ if required. A service can be arranged on the hour or half past from 9am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday. Next to each chapel is a floral court where mourners can view floral tributes following the service. The crematorium is located within the North Cemetery and is accessed via Strouden Avenue in Bournemouth. There are also a number of memorial options for cremated remains which can be discussed with staff at the crematorium to find a suitable option.
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Contact information

North Cemetery, Strouden Ave, Bournemouth, BH8 9HX
Telephone 0120 252 6238

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