Poole Crematorium

At the edge of heathland, Poole Crematorium offers a peaceful atmosphere for a cremation service. There are many different types of service that can be held at the crematorium including a full religious ceremony, a brief committal ceremony, non religious services or no ceremony at all. The service can be reflective of your faith and wishes of the family. Typically the standard service time is 30 minutes allowing for a 20 minute service and then five minutes either side to enter and exit the crematorium. If you wish to extend the service to 45 minutes or longer you can book additional time on request. After the service, the staff at the crematorium can help you choose a fitting memorial based on your requirements. Current memorials include the book of remembrance, floral tributes which are placed in the Book of Remembrance room on anniversaries, memorial kerbs which are inscribed stone memorials, plaques, tablets, vases and planters.
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Gravel Hill, Broadstone, Poole, BH17 9BQ
Telephone 0120 226 5235

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