West London Crematorium

Services at West London Crematorium last for approximately 45 minutes for a single service and 90 minutes for a double. Two chapels are available at the crematorium which are suitable for large and small funeral congregations. The staff at the crematorium will aim to address your requests and create a personal and meaningful service. Whether this is a religious or non religious service, every requirement can be met. There are two Chapels at West London Crematorium; the East Chapel which is the original chapel has recently undergone a period of improvement work. The West Chapel has a contemporary look and has seating for 90 mourners with more room for standing. Each of the chapels has a small waiting area. Music forms a key part of most services and the chapels feature a special music centre and you can also use an MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, Android or tablet to play music. Services can be recorded if required.
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Harrow Road, London, W104RA
Telephone 020 8969 0152

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