St Marylebone Crematorium

Currently owned by the London Cremation Company Plc, St Marylebone Crematorium helps the bereaved plan a fitting service in tribute to a loved one. The beautiful grounds of the crematorium are filled with well cared for trees, shrubs and rose bushes, providing a picturesque setting for a garden of remembrance. A certain element of peace and tranquillity can be found at the crematorium both during and after the cremation service. A dedicated chapel is located in the crematorium with seating for approximately 150 mourners. If you would like musical accompaniment for the service, you can make use of the digital music system to make the service really personalised. Once the cremation has taken place, the crematorium has its own indoor and outdoor Columbarium or House of Peace where ashes can be stored beneath a closing tablet if you would like a painted inscription.
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Contact information

E End Road, London, N2 0RZ
Telephone 020 8343 2233

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