Golders Green Crematorium

Golders Green Crematorium and Mausoleum is one of the oldest crematoria in Britain, opened in 1902. Located on Hoop Lane the crematorium is non-denominational and you are free to arrange your own type of service or event to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one. The gardens surrounding the crematorium are Grade 1 listed on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens and cover an area of 12 acres. The owners of the crematorium, The London Cremation Company Plc have created extensive gardens to provide lasting and meaningful memorials for loved ones, providing a certain element of comfort during what is a difficult time. There are three chapels at the crematorium, the West which is the largest of the three and has seating for 120. Standing room is available for a further 40 mourners. In the East Chapel which is smaller, the Chapel can accommodate 40 people with 10 standing. The smallest of the three chapels is the Bedford which has seating room for 25 people.
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Contact information

62 Hoop Lane, London, NW11 7NL
Telephone 020 8455 2374

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