Mortlake Crematorium

Mortlake Crematorium chapel has seating for 94 people to the lower floor and then a further 36 people in the gallery. Service times can be booked at forty minute intervals between 10am and 4:40pm. Shorter services can be booked at 9am and 9:30am which last for half an hour. It is possible to book longer service times but this will incur an additional charge. During the cremation, there are no restrictions on how the time in the chapel is spent and the way in which the service is conducted. Families are free to provide suggestions on readings, prayers, poems and eulogies as appropriate. Mortlake Crematorium is one of a small number of facilities that feature a real pipe organ. Located in the gallery it is out of sight but it provides an excellent musical accompaniment to any cremation service.
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Contact information

Townmead Road, Richmond, TW9 4EN
Telephone 020 8876 8056

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