West Berkshire Crematorium

As a relatively new facility, West Berkshire Crematorium was opened in 2006 to provide the people of West Berkshire additional cremation facilities. Located in a rural setting, the crematorium is situated on a site that stretches over 10 acres, blending in with the surrounding countryside. Many people say that the building looks very similar to a grand country house. West Berkshire Crematorium is the largest, purpose built crematorium in the country and it can seat a total of 96 mourners with additional standing room for 50 people. Larger congregations can be catered for using outdoor speakers allowing the service to be relayed to congregations outside of the chapel. Funerals should be meaningful and that’s why the owners of the crematorium go to great lengths to make each service as personalised as possible. The chapel can be easily altered subject to prior arrangement to reflect any religion, belief or tradition during the service.
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Bath Road, Thatcham, RG19 4LD
Telephone 0163 587 2577

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