Basingstoke Crematorium

The owners of Basingstoke Crematorium have worked extremely hard to provide a dignified and peaceful place to say goodbye to a loved one. The crematorium, located at Manor Farm, Stockbridge Road in North Waltham has been serving the local area since 1998. The grounds cover quite a large area, incorporating 22 acres. The crematorium is situated very close to the A303, A30 and M3 motorway, providing convenient access for residents in the nearby North East Hampshire. The large, multi-faith chapel can provide all types of service for religious and non-religious requirements. Dignity PLC are committed to providing a unique and tailored service to reflect your requirements and those of the deceased down to the exact details. Outside of the crematorium building there are extensive memorial gardens including private gardens or rose beds. The gardens have been expertly designed to fit in with the rural surroundings while offering the bereaved a place of quiet contemplation.
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Contact information

Manor Farm, Stockbridge Road, North Waltham, RG25 2BA
Telephone 0125 639 8783

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