South Oxfordshire Crematorium

Recently opened in 2015, South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park is currently owned and operated by Memoria Limited. Service times are longer than average, being an hour in length, but this does include time at the beginning and end of the service to arrive and depart from the chapel. The actual service is approximately 40 minutes. The Chapel can accommodate a total of 100 mourners and services can be tailored to suit each family. Families are encouraged to plan a personalised service featuring music or visual tributes. Music can be chosen from an advanced music system or if you prefer, the live organ can be used. For friends and family members who cannot attend the service in person, the crematorium provide the ability to live stream the service over the internet. A Plasma screen is also located in the crematorium allowing visual dedications or eulogy to be displayed.
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Garford, Abingdon, OX13 5PA
Telephone 0123 525 0013

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