Warriston Crematorium

Easter Warriston House is a two storey villa that was constructed in 1808 and it became a crematorium in 1929. There are two chapels at Warriston Crematorium; the Lorimer Chapel and the Cloister Chapel. The Cloister Chapel is suitable for smaller congregations, with seating for 60 people and the Lorimer Chapel seats approximately 230. In both chapels the cremation service can be relayed outside via loudspeaker meaning that any extra attendees can still hear the proceedings. The Chapels are open for cremation services six days a week from Monday through to Saturday. In the Lorimer Chapel services run every hour on the hour. The first service starts at 9am and the last service is at 4pm. It is possible to book additional time where required. In the Cloister chapel, services are at half hour intervals with the first service being at 9:30am and the last service at 4:30pm. Both of the chapels are non-denominational and they can be used by people of all faiths and beliefs.
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Contact information

36 Warriston Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4HW
Telephone 0131 552 3020

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