Mortonhall Crematorium

The council owned, Mortonhall Crematorium has recently reopened after a multimillion pound refurbishment. Situated on the southern side of Edinburgh, the crematorium is in a beautiful natural setting, surrounded by mature woodland. Opened in 1967, the crematorium building was designed by leading Scottish architect Sir Basel Spence and includes the crematorium chapel which accommodates 360 mourners. This chapel is the largest of its kind in the east of Scotland. The refurbishment project created a customer focused, contemporary building meeting the requirements of the bereaved. Mortonhall Crematorium now features customer facing offices as well as a new, private family area which offers some comfort during a difficult time. The main crematorium chapel has been carefully designed to improve sound quality and web cameras have been installed enabling services to be live streamed securely over the internet to those who are unable to attend in person.
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Contact information

30B Howden Hall Road, Edinburgh, EH16 6TX
Telephone 0131 664 4314

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