Seafield Crematorium

Seafield Crematorium located in Edinburgh has been serving the local communities since it opened in May 1939. The owners of the crematorium, Edinburgh Crematorium Ltd are committed to providing exemplary standards of service. The Chapel at Seafield Crematorium can accommodate a congregation of 120 mourners with additional standing room. Services can be relayed into the waiting room when this is required. The crematorium is non-denominational which means that it can deliver both religious and non-religious services. It is not a requirement that a minister or religious official leads the service, it is entirely up to the family to decide on how the service will be delivered. The services take place at hourly intervals beginning at 9am in the morning and running through until 4pm. The computer based music system includes a range of music which can be played at the funeral service and there are hymns available on request. CD or DVD recordings of the service as well as web casting can be arranged on request.
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Contact information

40 Seafield Road, Edinburgh, EH6 7LD
Telephone 0131 554 3496

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