Waltonwrays Crematorium

Providing services for both cremations and burials Waltonwrays crematorium and chapel is situated within the grounds of Waltonwrays cemetery. The majority of services are held within the multi denominational chapel which has seating space for 60 people. Cremation service times take place throughout the day at 40 minute intervals allowing 30 minutes for the service and 10 minutes to enter and leave the chapel at the start and finish of the ceremony. The first service is at 9am and the last service is at 4:20pm Monday to Friday. There are waiting room and toilet facilities on site and wheelchairs are available for use during the service if required. During the service you can choose from a number of options to create a fitting tribute for a loved one. Musical accompaniments are available either through a CD that you provide, taped music or from the organ located within the chapel.
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Carleton Road, Skipton, BD23 2BJ
Telephone 0175 679 6118

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