Scholemoor Crematorium

Managed by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Scholemoor Crematorium is located within the grounds of Scholemoor cemetery. Established in 1905, the crematorium was only the twelfth crematorium to open in the country. There are a range of features at the crematorium including a waiting area if you arrive early for the service a dedicated area for the Book of Remembrance, an under cover floral tribute area and a service chapel. The crematorium chapel has seating for 80 people but for larger congregations the waiting room has been fitted with a large monitor which can be used to screen services so people not present in the chapel can see and hear the service as it is conducted. The way in which the funeral service is delivered is entirely up to the family. A state of the art music system is available to play music on request of the family.
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Contact information

Necropolis Road, Bradford, BD7 2PS
Telephone 0127 443 3900

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