Nab Wood Crematorium

Nab Wood Crematorium is one of three crematorium facilities owned and managed by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Located on Bingley Road, the crematorium is situated within an elegant building providing a welcoming environment in which to hold a funeral service. Although the services can be planned to reflect the wishes of the deceased and their family, funeral services are allocated a 40 minute timeframe which does include time taken to enter and exit the chapel at the start and end of the service. This should be taken into consideration when planning the order of service. Nab Wood Crematorium Chapel has capacity for 100 people seated and further room for standing for larger congregations. Early morning slots are available at 8:10am and 8:40am but these will incur an additional charge. Music can be incorporated into the service and this is welcomed. However families are reminded that due to the 40 minute service time, only four pieces of music are permitted.
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Contact information

Bingley Road, Shipley, BD18 4BG
Telephone 0153 561 8245

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