Keighley Crematorium

Oakworth Crematorium is currently managed by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council as one of three crematoriums. It is located within the grounds of Oakworth Cemetery. The crematorium building was opened in 1960 after the original Gothic style cemetery chapel was converted. The crematorium provides a range of facilities for visitors including waiting room where you can wait before the service, toilets and a Book of Remembrance room. There is also a service chapel which has seating for 65 mourners. The entrance to the chapel also has a large screen which can be used for larger congregations who will be able to see and hear the service in the chapel. An induction loop is available for the hearing impaired and there are disabled facilities on site too. Service times within the chapel are limited to 40 minutes which does include time to enter and exit the chapel before and after the service. As a result, if you wish to have music as part of the service, only four pieces are permitted due to the restricted timeframe.
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Wide Lane, Keighley, BD22 0RJ
Telephone 0153 561 8245

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