Thornhill Crematorium

Thornhill cemetery opened in 1952 and Thornhill Crematorium followed a year later in 1953. When the crematorium first opened, there were just over 1,000 cremations each year but now there are almost 3,000 annually. The Briwnant chapel was opened in 2,000 to offer a smaller alternative to the existing Wenallt chapel and to accommodate the growing demand for cremation services. Services take place at 45 minute intervals and they take place Monday to Friday and Saturday Morning. If you would prefer the service on a Saturday morning, an additional charge will apply. Furthermore, the chapels can be hired for memorials and cremation services can be extended for an additional 45 minutes where extra time for the service is required.
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Contact information

Thornhill Road, Cardiff, CF14 9UA
Telephone 029 2054 4820

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