Gwent Crematorium

A significant period of improvement works have been completed on Gwent Crematorium resulting in improved services to better cater to the requirements of the bereaved. Seating capacity in the chapel is 120 and there is standing room for a further 50 attendees. If the congregation is larger than this, a public address system can be used to broadcast the service in the cloisters at the entrance to the chapel. Funeral services are welcomed from people of all denominations and beliefs. Services can be recorded onto CD on request but there is a small fee payable for this. The service can also be broadcast securely over the internet for those who are unable to make the service in person and video recordings can also be created, both of which incur an additional fee. Music is available for the service whether this is from the traditional organ, on CD or through the built in Wesley Music System.
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Contact information

Treherbert Road, Croesyceiliog, Torfaen, NP44 2BZ
Telephone 0163 386 3654

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