Cardiff & Glamorgan Crematorium

Cardiff and Glamorgan Crematorium is situated within Cardiff and Glamorgan Memorial Park. A range of facilities are available when planning a cremation service and/or memorial afterwards. Service times are an hour in length which is quite a bit longer than the average service time. This hour does include time taken to arrive and depart from the chapel. In the Chapel there is seating for 100 mourners and there are dedicated clergy facilities if required. Comfortable furnishings are situated within the chapel and there is disabled access and a hearing loop for those with hearing impairments. Featuring a state of the art music system, the chapel also provides web streaming facilities so the funeral can be securely streamed over the internet to those who cannot make the service in person. In terms of music, you can choose from either a live organ or select music from the crematoriums music system.
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Port Road East, Barry, CF62 9PX
Telephone 0144 672 4040

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