Thanet Crematorium

Based in Margate, Thanet Crematorium is managed by Thanet District Council. The crematorium has one service chapel and it is able to hold 80 people seated, as well as offer some more standing space. Each service is booked for 30 minutes and is not limited to a particular religion, even offering non-religious services for those who wish to organise one. If you book a service here then you will be given the option to play your music through the bespoke music system to give a modern effect. However, if you like the idea of having a more traditional service, then you can request for an organist to play. The service can also be recorded onto DVD or an Audio recording which can be supplied as a keepsake. You can also request for the service to webcast to those family members or friends who are unable to make the service.
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Contact information

Manston Road, Margate, CT9 4LY
Telephone 0184 357 7333

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