Barham Crematorium

Located within the Elham Valley, Barham Crematorium is a peaceful and welcoming place. Natural parkland surround the building and it provides the bereaved an environment that offers a certain degree of comfort and tranquillity at what is so often such a difficult time. Cremation services are scheduled each day to take 45 minutes which includes a 25 minute service time. Funeral services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, incorporating religious traditions or customs as required. The chapel is non-denominational so you are free to hold whatever type of service you wish. Seating is available for 85 mourners and there is additional space in the gallery for a further 35. Standing room is also available. Web casting and music can be provided if this is required during the service.
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Contact information

Canterbury Road, Barham, CT4 6QU
Telephone 0122 783 1351

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