Hawkinge Crematorium

In 1956, Hawkinge crematorium opened on the site of the existing cemetery which is still in use for funeral services today. The crematorium building is located on the site of an old airfield which was used by Hurricane and Spitfire pilots during the Battle of Britain and the two gardens of remembrance are named after these planes. The crematorium chapel is large enough to accommodate a large gathering of mourners and provide music where required. Service times are approximately 45 minutes in length which is longer than many of the other crematoriums in the area. The crematorium also has disabled access and services can be arranged to suit cultural and religious requirements. Following the cremation service, the peaceful gardens of remembrance provide a place where you can choose from a variety of memorials including private gardens and roses. The staff at the crematorium can show you around at any time and help you with your choice of memorial.
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Contact information

Aerodrome Road, Hawkinge, CT18 7AG
Telephone 0130 389 2215

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