Sunderland Crematorium

The only crematorium that is maintained and owned by the Sunderland City Council, Sunderland Crematorium has been open since 1951. The chapel within the crematorium is able to hold 70 visitors seated, and a further 70 people standing to the rear. There is also the opportunity to broadcast the service to those who are unable to enter the chapel via the television monitor that is placed in the waiting room. There is also a visitor waiting room, which is ideal for those who have arrived for the service early. It also has a hall of remembrance and a memorial garden which is the ideal place for you to remember your loved ones. The chapel has an inbuilt sound system if you would like to organise music to played through the service. There is also a loop induction system that is there for those that are hard of hearing. There is plenty of parking in the crematorium and you will need to adhere to the one-way system when driving around.
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Contact information

Chester Road, Sunderland, SR4 8LR
Telephone 0191 561 1708

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