Birtley Crematorium

Opened in 1957, Birtley Crematorium is located in the grounds of the cemetery. The dedicated chapel has seating for 80 people and there is extra room at the entrance of the chapel for additional mourners to stand. The chapel is non-denominational and caters for all religions and beliefs. The Book of Remembrance provides a lasting memorial for the deceased. A digital version is also available which allows you to view the entries at any time. The crematorium also has its own garden of remembrance which is a peaceful, beautifully landscaped area where you can remember loved ones and spend some time in quiet reflection. Many of the walks around the gardens are lined with kerbstones or borders where you can choose special commemorative plaques. Following the cremation service, floral tributes will be on display for three nights, after which they will be removed and recycled unless otherwise instructed.
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Contact information

Windsor Road, Birtley, DH3 1PQ
Telephone 0191 433 3815

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