Stockport Crematorium

Providing a peaceful resting place, Stockport Crematorium is a tranquil place, situated in the grounds of Stockport Borough Cemetery. The crematorium has been serving the local community since 1934 and there is a choice of two chapels for the funeral service. The well cared for gardens that surround the crematorium featuring a range of colourful rose bushes making it a perfect setting for a lasting memorial. The team at Stockport Crematorium go the extra mile to ensure that every service is truly personalised and meaningful. There are two chapels at the crematorium; the Rowan chapel with seating for 90 people and the Cypress chapel which also seats 90 people and is part of the main crematorium building. Families can select whichever chapel they prefer and both provide families with the ability to incorporate music into the service whether this is from the music system or organist. Each chapel has disabled access and a loop system for those with hearing impairments.
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Buxton Road, Stockport, SK2 6LS
Telephone 0161 480 5221

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