Oldham Crematorium

Opened in 1953, Oldham Crematorium is situated within the Hollinwood Cemetery and has been serving residents since this time. The crematorium provides a peaceful environment in which to hold a cremation service and say a final goodbye. Currently owned by Oldham Council, the bereavement team aims to deliver a dignified funeral service which commemorates the life of a loved one. Services are held daily throughout the week at the crematorium and families can plan the order of the service. As a non-denominational crematorium, people from all faiths and religions are welcome to hold a service at the crematorium. Services can be tailored to respect the wishes of the family members and the deceased and can incorporate music, readings and more to really make the service unique and meaningful.
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Contact information

Hollinwood Cemetery, Oldham, OL8 3LU
Telephone 0161 681 1312

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