Dukinfield Crematorium

Based at Dukinfield Cemetery and maintained by the Tameside Council, Dunkinfield Crematorium offers a multi-denomination chapel which is suitable for all religions. The chapel has seating for between 80 and 100 people and also offers a waiting room for those who have arrived early. If you choose to hold a service here then you will be given the choice of music through the in built Wesley system, or you can opt for the chapel organ for a more traditional approach. Ashes can be interred in the family grave, or placed in any other grave across the council cemeteries. There is also an option to disperse the ashes throughout the onsite Garden of Remembrance which needs to be under the supervision of the staff within the crematorium. Here there is also a Book of Remembrance Lodge that you can visit.
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Contact information

Hall Green Road, Dukinfield, SK16 4EP
Telephone 0161 330 1901

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