Stafford Crematorium

Managed by Stafford Council, Stafford Crematorium is just one of three crematoriums that are operated by the local authority. The crematorium is based at Tixall Road in Stafford and is located within a cemetery grounds. It is ran and maintained by the friends of the crematorium, who ensure that the grounds are well kept and well maintained. Not only does this particular crematorium have the ideal building for holding your service, but it also has an onsite café and flower shop too. This is ideal for those who have travelled a distance to attend the service, or if you want to purchase handmade wreaths and potted plants. This particular crematorium gives you the option to also record the service, which can then be viewed online at a later date. Ideal for those that are unable to attend the service but still want to say goodbye.
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Contact information

Tixall Road, Stafford, ST18 0XZ
Telephone 0178 524 2594

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