Telford Crematorium

Telford Crematorium originally opened in January 2000 but it was taken over by the current owners Dignity Plc in 2010. The crematorium chapel is perhaps quite different to any others that you have attended throughout the UK. This is due to its wall of glass overlooking out onto the gardens and water features as well as the high ceilings. The maximum capacity of Telford Crematoriums chapel is 150 with extra standing room available where required. In 2000, the crematorium was shortlisted for the National RIBA Sterling Prize Award and secured one award for the West Midlands. It has also won several other awards including the regional Master Builder Award and the regional Civic Trust Award. The friendly and supportive staff at the crematorium are always available during office hours to address any queries or concerns and they can help you plan a unique funeral service to reflect the wishes of the deceased and their family.
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Woodhouse Lane, Redhill, TF2 9NJ
Telephone 0195 261 0612

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