Bushbury Crematorium

Bushbury Crematorium is located within the grounds of Bushby Cemetery and it first opened in 1954. When it first opened, one chapel was provided until a further chapel was added to the building in 1970 to accommodate a growing demand for cremation services. The site is fully accessible for wheelchair users. A funeral service is quite unique and something that requires individual planning. Bushby Crematorium is a non-denominational facility which means that it can cater for all kinds of funeral service from full religious services through to civil services or no service at all. Music can be played during the service but any requests must be provided in advance of the service. For additional information on the capacity of the chapel and specific details on the service, your funeral director or Wolverhampton City Council will be able to provide further details.
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Contact information

86 Underhill Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 8JR
Telephone 0190 255 6070

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