Lichfield & District Crematorium

A service at Lichfield and District Crematorium will be both dignified and peaceful, set in 10 acres of land, the crematorium has only recently been opened. The crematorium building is surrounded by extensive Gardens of Remembrance which are still being developed to provide a quiet place for families to spend remembering loved ones. Funeral services are held at the crematoriums service chapel which accommodates 80 mourners. There are many different options for the service from a cremation service and memorial service prior to scattering the ashes. Each service is allocated one hour providing 45 minutes for the service and then a further 15 minutes for exiting and entering the chapel. Additional time can be arranged if this is required. The service can be personalised to suit including music (selected from the crematoriums extensive music library) as well as readings and visual displays. Services are held each day of the week from Monday to Friday.
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Contact information

Fradley Lane, Fradley, Lichfield, WS13 8GA
Telephone 0128 379 1564

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