South Lincolnshire Crematorium

South Lincolnshire Crematorium is situated within 11 acres. It is a well equipped facility which has been thoughtfully designed and aims to provide a professional and peaceful place for the bereaved. The crematorium chapel is a spacious and comfortable environment which caters for all beliefs and traditions. As a non-denominational chapel services can be arranged for all faiths, and it has plenty of room to seat 100 people. Digital screens and audio equipment allow the service to be streamed into the entrance lobby. The chapel has an organ which can be used for live music or the modern audio system can be used. There is a vast music library available or music can be provided by the family. Visual tributes can also be displayed using the large screen in the chapel. Service times take place at one hour intervals which is slightly longer than many of the other crematoriums in the area.
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Contact information

Gosberton Road, Surfleet, PE11 4AA
Telephone 0177 568 0920

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