Boston Crematorium

First opened in 1966, Boston Crematorium has been serving the local community every since. It currently manages around 900 funerals each year. Perfectly maintained, the grounds span 19 hectares with memorial areas and many different types of shrubs and trees. Car parking is available at the crematorium and there is a waiting room and disabled facilities where these are required. The crematorium has its own chapel with seating for up to 80 mourners. Music can be played during the service, but it cannot accept CDs, tapes or vinyl records. The book of remembrance is available and open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. During holiday periods or weekends, opening times are between 9am and 4pm. Boston crematorium offers a range of memorial services after the service which can be discussed with the crematorium staff. Memorials include a granite bench plaque, wall tablet, leather panel, tower plaque, columbarium niches and ash vaults.
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Contact information

Marian Road, Boston, PE21 9HA
Telephone 0120 536 4612

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