Grantham Crematorium

The Lord Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Reverend Kenneth Riches dedicated Grantham Crematorium which was built in 1966. The crematorium then underwent a period of refurbishment in 1997 when additional seating was installed to address the requirements for larger numbers of attendees at the funeral service. The crematorium provide service times up to 45 minutes. When planning a cremation service it is important that it reflects the cultural, religious or non-religious beliefs of the deceased and their family. The crematorium services at Grantham Crematorium reflect this and you are free to plan the service however you wish. Following on from the cremation services, a lasting memorial can be created for your loved one in the beautiful gardens of remembrance. Many people visit these gardens as a place of quiet reflection and find them comforting. Memorial staff can show you around the garden and help you choose a suitable memorial if this is something of interest.
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Harrowby Road, Grantham, NG31 9DT
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