Peterborough Crematorium

Peterborough Crematorium has been serving the local community for a number of years, since it was officially opened in 1958. Situated on a vast, 26 acre site, the crematorium and grounds are currently owned and managed by Peterborough City Council. The majority of the grounds have been retained as ancient woodland so that the surroundings are as natural as possible. The crematorium is non-denominational and it can accommodate both religious or civil services. The chapel has seating for 80 people with further room towards the back of the chapel for standing. If a larger congregation is expected, it is recommended that you book an extended time of 50 minutes. The usual service time is 20 minutes. Music can be played at various points in the cemetery. As part of the service you can have hymns or music of your choosing provided on CD or by a live organ which is played in the chapel.
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Contact information

Mowbray Road, Peterborough, PE6 7JE
Telephone 0173 326 2639

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