Rawdon Crematorium

Located on Leeds Road, Rawdon Crematorium has been serving the local community for a number of years. During this time, the crematorium has carried out many cremation services, all of them being unique in their own individual way. A cremation service is something that is personal and quite unique and the owners of Rawdon Crematorium, Leeds City Council will take great care to ensure that the wishes of the deceased and the family, where possible are met. Service times take place every 40 minutes throughout the day at the Crematorium Chapel, but this does include the time it takes to enter and leave the chapel at the start and finish of the service so this should be factored into your planning. The chapel has room for approximately 80 people seated and there is further room to stand for larger congregations.
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Contact information

Leeds Road, Rawdon, LS19 6JP
Telephone 0113 250 2904

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