Park Wood Crematorium

Park Wood Crematorium on Park Road, Elland has its own chapel with seating for 88 and additional room towards the back of the chapel for mourners to stand. For a larger service television screens are available in the foyer which can relay the service which is taking place in the chapel. There is also a smaller specially designed chapel called The Snowdrop Chapel which is available for families and friends to remember infants. A waiting room for those arriving early can be found in the crematorium where hot and cold drinks are available. Other facilities in the crematorium include web broadcasts and DVD or CD recordings, disabled access, loop systems and parking for 60 vehicles. The Book of Remembrance is available to view at the crematorium and is open between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8:30am and 4pm Friday and 10:15am to 3:45pm on Weekends and Bank Holidays. If you wish to place an entry into the book of remembrance you can do so and there is space for two, five or eight lines of text. The book of remembrance at Park Wood crematorium is also available to view online.
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Contact information

Park Road, Elland, HX5 9HZ
Telephone 0142 237 2293

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