Roucan Loch Crematorium

Located just 4 miles away from the town centre of Dumfries and surrounded by the stunning Scots Oine Wood Roucan Loch Crematorium is situated in a secluded area, away from the road making it an ideal setting for saying goodbye to someone special to you. The crematorium is situated within a 50 acre site, surrounded by natural woodland making it a comforting and tranquil place of remembrance. The award winning crematorium allows you to tailor the service to suit your specific requirements whether these include religious customs or non religious traditions. There is a quiet room for privacy, providing beautiful views from the chapel window over the water cascade and peaceful forest, creating a warm and welcoming environment. There is ample parking on site and there is a peace garden and forest of remembrance for use by visitors in addition to a children’s garden for those who have lost a younger member of their family.
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Contact information

Roucan Road, Dumfries, DG1 4JF
Telephone 0138 726 6749

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